GRI Series 400 Course Modules

GRI SERIES 400 is for educational hours toward Broker/Associate Broker licensing.

Module 401 - Commercial Property

Covers the basic handling differences between residential and commercial property. What is involved in listing and selling commercial property and what to look for in a property. Students are required to bring with them and have a working knowledge of a financial calculator. Calculator must have Present Value, Number, Interest, Payment, Future Value functions. Recommended calculators are HP12C and HP10BII.

Course #1005-1604, 6 hours, Category "F"

Module 402-Advanced Office Management

Covers the concepts of people management, business risk, financial and future growth management. What to look for and how to overcome various situations will be discussed.

No CE credit. 

Module 403 (2 Parts)

Covers tax considerations in dealing with property exchanges, what to look for in those exchanges and the expertise needed. How to deal with distressed properties, the laws, regulations and entities involved in properly serving clients and customers in the transaction.

GRI 403A - Taxes Deferred Exchanges

Course #1006-1604 3 hours, Category "F"

GRI 403B - Distressed Properties

Course #1007-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"

Module 404 (2 Parts)

Provides an overview of the governing license law. Recent changes and issues will be highlighted. When becoming a Broker certain supervision is expected. Learn what rules the law has put into place regarding broker supervision and the consequences of non-compliance. Meets MDREC mandated supervision requirement every 2 years for brokers, branch office managers and team leaders.

GRI 404A - Broker Law Review

Course #1008-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"

GRI 404B - Supervision, Brokers, Branch Office Managers, Team Leaders

Course #1009-1604, 3 hours, Category "I"

100 Series

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GRI 100 - Spring 2024
101 - 2/6/2024
102 - 2/8/2024
103- 2/13/2024
104 - 2/15/2024
105 - 2/20/2024
106 - 2/22/2024
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200 Series

Series Details...

GRI 200 - Spring 2024
201 - 2/29/2024
202 - 3/7/2024
203- 3/12/2024
204 - 3/14/2024
205 - 3/19/2024
206 - 3/13/2024
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Series 300

Series Details...

The 300 series will be offered in the spring of 2024 instructors and dates are still being finalized.

400 Series

Series Details...

The 400 series will be offered in the spring of 2024 instructors and dates are still being finalized.

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