NEW! 2020 Legislative Session UpdateBill Castelli shares updates from the 2020 legislative session

Governor Issues Proclamation On License Extensions

Governor Hogan has issued a proclamation extending licenses during the COVID-19 state of emergency. Please read the full proclamation for details.  To summarize, if your license expired on or after March 5th (when the state of emergency was declared), you will have until 30 days after the state of emergency is rescinded (a date to be determined) to renew your license. CE classes required for renewal of the extended license, may also be taken during this extension timeframe.  We will widely publicize the date the state of emergency is rescinded to our members, so stay tuned.

HB 1628 Sales Tax on Services was voted DOWN

UPDATE 3/11:  HB 1628 - Sales Tax on Services was voted down by the full Ways and Means Committee Friday evening (3/6)!  There is another bill, however, HB 1354 - Sales and Use Tax on Services - that Maryland REALTORS Legislative Committee voted for a No Position since it does not include a tax on real estate services.  We will continue to monitor this bill and keep you updated. The Call for Action for HB 1628 has currently been suspended.  Thank you for all of your continued advocacy efforts.

Real Estate Laws taking Effect October 1st in Maryland

Click below for a summary of real estate bills that become law on October 1, 2019 in Maryland.  The law changes include: a new duty of confidentiality prior to entering a real estate brokerage relationship; a mandated disclosure for attorneys and title agents who hold escrow money related to a home purchase; and more streamlined licensing options for some out-of-state licensees who are veterans or serving in a military career and relocate to Maryland.

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