Maryland REALTORS® exists to support all segments of its membership and their specialties. Through collective efforts with local boards/associations and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, Maryland REALTORS®:

  • Develops and delivers programs, services and related products that maintain and elevate the high standards of the real estate business and the professional conduct of its practitioners.
  • Assists members in serving the public ethically and successfully with the highest degree of professional ability in real estate matters.
  • Promotes and preserves the right to own, transfer and use real property.
  • Protects the right of members to conduct business within a framework of fair and reasonable laws and governmental regulations.

Application for Elected Office

Maryland REALTORS® Bylaws provide for appointment of a Credentials Committee.

The Credentials Committee's purpose is to ensure that members who want to run for elected office meet the established qualifications. The goal is to create an environment where all motivated members are encouraged to pursue leadership positions; this streamlined process accomplishes this.

The state association Board of Directors also established policies that explain the Credentials Committee process as well as the timeline, criteria, and campaign rules. These guidelines will help the committee uniformly and consistently review applications, to determine whether candidates are qualified to serve in their desired elected positions.

Applications for elective office for 2024 are now closed. More information about the current elections process will be announced in February, 2024.

Summary of the Process and the Associated Documents




  • Denise Lewis


  • Melanie Gamble
  • Jenn Klarman
  • Larry Smith


  • Tiffany Harris
  • Brenda Kasuva
  • Sheila Washburn
  • Shelia Russell Williams
  • Gwendolyn Wynn