Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI)

Learn More About the Importance of Earning Your GRI!

Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level? Having trouble with where to start? We dive into what it means for your business, community, and individual goals! This webinar features our Director of Professional Development & Member Engagement and GRI Advisory Chair and Vice Chair. Learn about what GRI means and how taking the series can enhance your real estate career.

Graduate to a new level of real estate as a GRI

GRI Series for 2024 now available.

Whether you’ve been in real estate for years or are just beginning, you can expand your knowledge with the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation. It’s a complete educational experience that will add confidence in every transaction through:

  • In-depth comprehensive market expertise
  • Progressive business skills
  • State-of-the-art systems and tools
  • Expert risk evaluation

What is the REALTOR® Institute?

The REALTOR® Institute is make of four modules of courses designed to advance your education and help grow your business. Each class is taught virtually.  

The 100 and 200 modules each contain 6 courses and cover topics that will enhance your business skills from running your business operations and marketing to staying on top of current regulations and issues.

Complete both 100 and 200 modules and you will have earned the GRI designation!

Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI), distinguishes you as real estate professional who has made a commitment to providing a superior level of professional services to better serve and protect your clients.

The 300 and 400 modules each contain 4 courses and cover topics to elevate your knowledge on taxes, appraisals, commercial, and investments. Complete all four modules, and you will have earned the credits necessary to take the Maryland exam to obtain the brokers or associate brokers license.


With the GRI Designation, you can enjoy many benefits that come with this nationally recognized distinction, such as:

  • Be better able to serve and protect your increasingly sophisticated clients through an understanding of new technology, laws, and procedures
  • Advanced knowledge of all aspects of the industry
  • Many classes count toward CE Credit
  • Use of GRI logos and marketing materials including:
    • Customizable flyer
    • Banner ad
    • Postcard
    • GRI referral form
    • Designation listing on NAR’s website
    • Network with other GRI designees

Professional Affiliation

All members must be in good standing of the National Association of REALTORS® to achieve the GRI designation. GRI does not require annual renewal as long as you remain an active member in good standing.

100 Series

Series Details...

GRI 100 - Fall 2024
101 - 10/8/2024
102 - 10/9/2024
103- 10/10/2024
104 - 10/15/2024
105 - 10/16/2024
106 - 10/17/2024

Registration Opens 9/9/2024

200 Series

Series Details...

GRI 200 - Fall 2024
201 - 10/22/2024
202 - 10/23/2024
203- 10/25/2024
204 - 10/29/2024
205 - 10/30/2024
206 - 10/31/2024

Registration Opens 9/9/2024

Series 300

Series Details...

GRI 300 - Spring 2024
301 - 4/9/2024
302 - 4/18/2024
303- 4/11/2024
304 - 4/16/2024

Registration is closed for the series.

400 Series

Series Details...

GRI 400 - Spring 2024
401 - 4/30/2024
402 - 5/2/2024
403- 5/7/2024
404 - 5/9/2024

Registration is closed for the series.

Broker Review

Series Details...

Registration is closed.