Maryland Residential Property Management Certification Education Program

As housing prices increase, the number of renters in Maryland also increases. Studies show that more than one-third of Marylanders rent their homes. With an increased number of rental properties comes an increased demand for skilled professionals to manage rental properties.

Maryland REALTORS® is thrilled to launch the Maryland Residential Property Management Certification (MRPMC).

MRPMC is a certification available to Maryland REALTORS® members designed to educate practitioners on the common issues surrounding property management. Many licensees venture into the field of property management without the foundational knowledge required to be successful. Licensees should stay informed in order to stay out of trouble. In fact, a high percentage of complaints filed with the Maryland Real Estate Commission involve some area of property management.

Obtaining your MRPMC certification will enhance your understanding of the legal and practical issues you may face as a property manager while offering effective strategies for managing any risks. MRPMC certification training covers the following topics: addressing common issues faced by property managers, forming a property management company (outside of a brokerage), understanding the lease and related documents, and analyzing fair housing issues specific to property management.

Develop your knowledge and expertise to serve this important and growing industry by taking steps to become a MRPMC.


How to Earn your MRPMC
Complete each of the following four courses (6 Hours continuing education total). The courses will be provided twice a year. The next available will be during the 2023 Annual Conference, September 19 – 21, 2023 at Maryland LIVE! You must be registered for the conference to attend the classes.
a. Building Your Property Management Business – 1.5 hours of CE pending approval
b. Property Management 101: The Basics – 1.5 hours of CE, DLLR Category F
c. Legally Renting Maryland Properties – 1.5 hours of CE, DLLR Category F
d. Fair Housing for Property Managers – 1.5 hours of CE, DLLR Category C
To receive the official certificate for the Maryland Residential Property Management Certification you will be required to email Susan Yashinskie at after completion of the required classes. Upon receipt of your certificate, get excited because you can start to market yourself as an MRPMC and help the growing number of renters in the State of Maryland.

*The MRPMC program is not affiliated or endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®.