Committee Descriptions & Mission Statements

Committee prerequisites are listed below descriptions.

Commercial Alliance

To provide a forum for commercial REALTORS® and real estate professionals to confer on commercial real estate-related issues and to provide related networking and educational opportunities.

Communications and Public Relations

The Communications-PR Committee oversees and advises on the communications of Maryland REALTORS® in all its forms—print, digital, video, webinar, social, event (virtual or face-to-face), and broadcast technologies—to advance the business, ethics, education, and professionalism of its members at every professional stage. The Committee helps to explore new opportunities and technologies for the Association to consider in its communications efforts, while also looking at ways Maryland REALTORS® can improve any or all its communications. Committee members will also help to provide ideas and leads for content in all its channels of communication. This Committee will also explore, vet, and suggest to Maryland REALTORS®. Businesses that wish to provide member benefits for the Assciation’s consideration.

Community Involvement

This committee will be responsible for the administration of Maryland REALTORS’® annual REALTOR® Good Neighbor Award and the William J. Neary Jr. Community Action and REALTOR® Excellence (CARE) Award.

Conference & Events Program Advisory Committee

To provide member input into the program development and promotion of Association meetings, events, and conferences to present innovative programming and exciting events for REALTORS® that encourage participation by brokers and agents, both seasoned and new to the industry.

To plan and develop the Annual Conference program content by identifying industry trends and professional development needs of REALTORS® by reaching out to and involving a broad base of internal and external constituencies and subject matter experts. To provide networking opportunities for Association members.

Members will attend the Annual Conference and will be asked to staff various functions such as host and/or moderate education sessions as appropriate and provide logistical support as needed.

DEI Advisory Group

The mission of Maryland REALTORS® Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ("DEI") Advisory Group is to create an authentic, vibrant, and inclusive industry culture through education, member engagement, leadership recruitment and community outreach.


The Finance Committee formulates and makes recommendations concerning strategic and financial planning and budgeting for presentation to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  It also monitors the Association’s finances and prepares the fiscal budget of the Association for the coming year.

The Committee is responsible for development and implementation of Maryland REALTORS® Investment Policy. Some members of the Finance Committee may be appointed to the Investment Management Team. The Investment Management Team works with Maryland REALTORS® Investment Advisor (an outside firm) in developing a long-term investment plan and makes appropriate investments to reach its goals.

Members must have

  • served as Treasurer of Maryland REALTORS®, their local Board/Association, or a REALTOR®-realted organization.
  • demonstrated expertise in non-profit finances OR a degree in finance or accounting OR substantial understanding and experience of the principals of finance or accounting relevant to REALTOR® organizations.

Global Business Committee

Explore and build global business opportunities and relationships for association members – commercial as well as residential practitioners – through educational events, communications and networking. The committee will gather resources to create opportunities for affiliate practitioners of international real estate and coordinate with NAR Global to offer Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation courses. Maintaining relationships with members of diverse groups such as the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) will be a priority.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee examines ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if, taken as true on their face, a professional standards hearing is warranted. Committee members are assigned to three-person panels as needed.

Housing Opportunity

Encourages REALTORS® and their local boards/associations to create and preserve housing affordability by partnering with a wide range of lenders, nonprofit organizations, housing counselors, and state and local government agencies. Provides oversight and develops content and programming for the Maryland REALTORS® consumer website. Promotes financial literacy, equal opportunity and fair housing practices and initiatives. 

Issues Mobilization

Evaluates funding requests presented by the Maryland REALTORS® or local REALTOR® Associations for programs and initiatives that effectively promote REALTOR® policy. Sets criteria that those Associations must meet to access Issues Mobilization funds. Provides oversight to issues mobilization efforts initiated by the Maryland REALTORS®. Comprised of REALTOR® members and local Association staff who have knowledge of public policy initiatives and issues mobilization campaigns.

Leadership Academy Advisory Group

The Maryland REALTORS® Leadership Academy is dedicated to broadening and enhancing the leadership skills and capabilities of a blend of real estate professionals to prepare them to assume leadership roles within the industry and community. The Advisory Group is responsible for creating a robust curriculum taught by experts in the fields of leadership, communication, and state and local issues. 

The Advisory Group screens applicants for admission, emphasizing candidates with potential skills suitable for leadership positions within the industry and monitors the program delivery.

Members must be graduates of the Leadership Academy.


Using the Maryland REALTORS® policy and legislative agenda, the Committee assesses the impact of specific bills on the real estate industry and determines whether the Maryland REALTORS® will support or oppose those bills. The Committee works directly with Maryland REALTORS® lobbyists and leadership in advancing a pro-real estate legislative agenda.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Committee promotes and upholds professionalism within the membership, in accordance with the Code of Ethics to elevate the business of members and to protect the Realtor® brand. The members are responsible for serving on the hearing panels that are convened to hear ethics cases or arbitration claims involving Realtors® regarding contractual and/or procuring cause disputes that arise out of real estate transactions that have been forwarded by the Grievance Committee for a formal hearing.

Members must have served two years on the Grievance Committee.

Public Policy

Develops Maryland REALTORS® policy on issues impacting the practice of real estate, homeownership, and housing supply and affordability in both the legislative and regulatory arenas. The Committee recommends policies and future REALTOR® legislative initiatives for adoption by the Executive Committee. It is composed of broker-owners and active practitioners.

Real Property Operations

To advise the Maryland REALTORS® President and Leadership with regard to real property owned by the Association on matters including proposed leases for commercial tenants; extensions of existing leases; the value of and tenancy for commercial space offered; and other matters related to ownership and maintenance of such property.  The Real Property Operations Committee provides oversight of Maryland REALTORS® property, including Maryland REALTORS® occupancy strategy.

REALTOR® Institute GRI Advisory Group

The GRI Advisory Group provides oversight to the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute program.  The Advisory Group administers courses for the designation including evaluation of the curriculum and instructors.  They are responsible for maintaining the high standards of this designation and assist in promoting the GRI program.

Members must have achieved the GRI designation.

Statewide Forms Committee

Review all Maryland REALTORS® statewide contracts and addenda regarding the sale of property to determine changes, additions or deletions due to legislative actions and industry practice, with the goal of having a large majority of firms use the Maryland REALTORS® forms.  Committee members are broker-owners or designees, and up to 20% of the membership may be comprised of non-owner practitioners.  The Committee is responsible for having all forms reviewed by Maryland REALTORS® legal counsel and approved by the Executive Committee prior to release.