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Working for an Equitable Tomorrow: Maryland Hispanic Real Estate Association (MHREA)

Members of The Maryland Hispanic Real Estate Association (MHREA) offer real estate and real estate related services for the benefit of Hispanic and Latino individuals who own, buy, sell, or rent property in the State of Maryland. We work to improve business conditions in real estate for the Latino Community.

The MHREA mission is to guide and encourage homeownership for Hispanic and Latino individuals, as well as help remove obstacles that they may face in obtaining homeownership. Our members strive to provide accurate information and professional advice to their clients and customers while treating everyone ethically, fairly, and equally.

MHREA utilizes its industry connections when connecting with the community at large, specifically business partners that provide goods and services to the Hispanic/Latino population. We strengthen these connections by networking with other organizations (including other Hispanic/Latino organizations), Hispanic/Latino agents in the industry, and spreading the word about our organization at Housing Fairs. We also work to establish connections with local, county and state officials and the local chambers of commerce for the Hispanic/Latino community.

MHREA provides resources and educational sessions utilizing current technologies to both the general public and to real estate professionals geared towards to the Hispanic/Latino population. These courses include:

  • Educational seminars
  • Credit and financial seminars
  • Process of renting a home
  • Process of buying a home (and criteria to use when selecting a loan officer or real estate agent)
  • Process of selling a home
  • How to maintain a home
  • Property tax savings programs
  • How to identify and report discriminatory behavior

Another part of our mission includes expanding membership. We invite you to attend our next meeting. You do not have to speak Spanish to contribute to and be welcome in our organization.

For more information and to join, click here.

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