Standing Committees

Real Property Operations


To advise the Maryland REALTORS® President and Leadership with regard to real property owned by the Association on matters including proposed leases for commercial tenants; extensions of existing leases; the value of and tenancy for commercial space offered; and other matters related to ownership and maintenance of such property.  The Real Property Operations Committee provides oversight of Maryland REALTORS® property, including Maryland REALTORS® occupancy strategy.

  • Chair

    Janice  Kirkner
    Carroll County Association of REALTORS
  • Vice Chair

    Sherri  Russell
    Prince Georges County Association of REALTORS
  • Members

  • David  Fritz
    Howard County Association of REALTORS
  • Harold  Huggins
    Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS
  • Chris  Jett
    Coastal Association of REALTORS
  • Dale  Ross
    Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS
  • Ed  Stanfield
    Frederick County Association of REALTORS
  • Staff Contacts

  • April  Sheesley


Three meetings per year, usually February, June and December.  Additional meetings only as needed.

Attendance Requirements

Members may participate in-person or via email, conference calls or virtual meetings, as needed.

Other Info