About Us

Mission Statement

The Maryland REALTORS® exists to support all segments of its membership and their specialties. Through collective efforts with local boards/associations and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, Maryland REALTORS®:

  • Develops and delivers programs, services and related products that maintain and elevate the high standards of the real estate business and the professional conduct of its practitioners.
  • Assists members in serving the public ethically and successfully with the highest degree of professional ability in real estate matters.
  • Promotes and preserves the right to own, transfer and use real property.
  • Protects the right of members to conduct business within a framework of fair and reasonable laws and governmental regulations.



Maryland REALTORS® is a non-profit real estate association that provides resources to its members and community stakeholders.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

In principle and in practice, the Maryland REALTORS® values and seeks diversity and inclusive participation within the field of real estate and recognizes each member as a unique individual.

REALTORS® are obligated to uphold a strict Code of Ethics and must treat all clients equally, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. The REALTOR® commitment to diversity and equality is perhaps the strongest in real estate, even going a step farther than the federal Fair Housing Act, which does not include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes against housing discrimination. REALTORS® play an essential role in ensuring that fair and equal opportunity in housing is protected.

Strategic Plan


Connections. Advocacy. Resources. Expertise.

We will connect and engage with our diverse membership associations and consumers to provide compelling information about the value REALTORS® bring to the real estate transaction and communities we serve.

We will promote and preserve the right and opportunity for homeownership investment and commercial sales, and will protect members’ rights to conduct business within fair and reasonable laws and regulations.

We will assist members in serving the public by promoting and supporting resources and related products that enhance professionalism, education, reduce risk, and add value to the real estate industry.

We will develop and deliver programs and services that maintain and elevate the high standards and knowledge of the real estate business and the professional conduct of its practitioners.