(Outdated) Become a Member of the Board of Directors

What is the Composition  of the Maryland REALTORS® Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors includes categories of members. Maryland REALTORS® Officers, including the Immediate Past President, as well as one Presidential and one President-Elect Appointee, serve one year terms.

Each of the three largest firms in the state as of June 1st has one seat, which must be held by a principal or a member of management appointed by the firm. Large firm appointees serve a one-year term.

Local associations/boards each appoint one representative of their choice, who may be any member in good standing. Local board representatives serve a one year term.

Local associations/boards in each of Maryland REALTORS®’s nine districts are also represented on the board by a District Vice President (DVP), selected by the association/board or association/boards in that region. DVPs serve one-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Three At-Large Directors serve one-year terms.  The At-Large  Directors are elected  by the outgoing Board at its meeting in September, and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Two Directors, appointed by the President for two-year staggered terms, who are recommended by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group and who are representative of Multi-cultural real estate communities.

What is The Process for Seeking an Officer Position at Maryland REALTORS®?
Maryland REALTORS® has created guidelines for seeking office, which are found on the Association website under "Association Information/ Directory" at www.mdrealtor.org. The State Association Bylaws specify certain requirements for candidates; the guidelines also describe campaigning and the election process.
To receive a copy of the Bylaws with the requirements for serving as an officer, and the guidelines for seeking office, contact April Sheesley at april.sheesley@mdrealtor.org.

Members who sit on NAR’s Executive Committee are automatically members of Maryland REALTORS®’s Board of Directors, as well as the
Executive Committee for the duration of their NAR appointment.

Notices for open At-Large Director seats are sent to local associations/boards and current members of the Board of Directors in April. Applicants must submit a letter and/or resume to the Credentials Committee which interviews each applicant.

What are My Duties  as a Maryland REALTOR® Director?
You have a legal responsibility as a Director of Maryland REALTORS® to act in the best interests of the Maryland REALTORS®. Directors must avoid all conflict of interest (you will be asked to sign a form outlining the nature of conflicts or attesting that there are none); respect the confidentiality of certain discussions (you will be asked to sign a form stating that you agree to keep certain information confidential); stay informed about the issues affecting the Association; attend all meetings; and cast votes based upon what you believe is in the best interests of Maryland REALTORS®.

It is particularly important for you to keep in mind that as a Director, your vote may not be dictated either directly or indirectly by your company, your local association or your personal or business interests. Whether you are an at-large director, a local board representative, a large firm representative, or serve in any other capacity, you are obligated to act in the best interests of the Association rather than for the benefit of any one group or organization.