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Sine Die 2018: The Maryland Legislature Adjourns

The Maryland Legislature once again adjourned Sine Die Monday evening.  Overall, the Session was mixed with favorable and unfavorable elements. While two of our top five priorities did not prevail, we did succeed on several other important issues/priorities. We have provided a brief Sine Die Report Web 2018 of our key issues for which the Maryland REALTORS lobbied and a more comprehensive review will be provided later.  Many thanks to the membership for your advocacy and participation in our legislative Calls for Action during Session.

Smoke Alarm Laws

Practical considerations for you and your clients. A seller who fails to comply with the law is subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both. A listing agent representing a seller who is in violation of the law must disclose to prospective buyers that the seller is not in compliance. If a buyer’s agent is aware that the seller is not in compliance with the law, the buyer’s agent must disclose this fact to his or her buyer client.