Leadership/Volunteer Professional Development Resources (CS)

On the Path to Leadership

Whether you’re new to the board of directors, already in an association leadership role, or are considering a volunteer position, this online course in the REALTOR® Leadership Program will give you the necessary tools to make your experience positive and rewarding.

This course provides a comprehensive overview to give you the confidence you need to pursue a leadership role with the REALTOR® association.

Now available through the Center for REALTOR® Development, this no-cost, self-guided online course is available 24/7, and covers the following areas:

  • Association Structures
  • Trends Facing the Association
  • Decision Making
  • Volunteer Responsibilities & Roles
  • Meeting Management… and more!
  • REALTORS® are encouraged to complete this online course before enrolling in the Leadership 200 and Leadership 300 courses.

The course will take up to one and one half hours, but does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can log back into the course, with the log-in information you create, at your own pace.

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