2018 Housing Summit Recap

REALTORS®, lenders, builders, housing counselors, community development professionals, and legislators gathered in College Park, MD on June 6th to discuss topics related to affordable housing. Jessica Lautz from NAR spoke about first-time buyer statistics and the challenges that face young would-be homeowners including the ability of save for down payment and student loan debt. There was then a panel discussion focusing on zoning, land use, and smart growth; followed by another panel on the topics of mortgage programs, tiny homes and ADUs, community land trusts, and use of public lands to develop affordable housing. Finally, keynote speaker Rolf Pendall from the Urban Institute gave a powerful presentation on poverty and segregation, disparities in housing opportunities, and the need for more inclusive housing programs and practices.

Jessica Lautz's presentation.

Rolf Pendall's presentation.


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