Maryland - A Global Community

Our expanding business sectors drive the demand for new employees, who need homes. Not only can local REALTORS® assist with residential sales and rentals, and commercial business needs; but they are also a great wealth of information about the communities which they serve.

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132 Things Maryland REALTORS Can Do For Their Clients

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10 Facts About Real Estate's Contribution to the Maryland Economy

REALTORS have a big impact on Marylands economy. Here are 10 of the top ways...

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Get to Know the Role of Real Estate Agents

If you are involved in a real estate transaction in Maryland, you should understand the unique role of real estate agents. This role has been defined over the years by law and by custom.

Whether you are considering buying or selling a home, it is important that you understand the role of real estate agents and the types of agency relationships available to you.

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Raising the Bar for REALTOR® Professionalism

Maryland REALTORS has compiled basic good practice and common sense guidelines to help new and veteran REALTORS® in their dealings with each other and the public. These guidelines are voluntary, not a part of the mandatory Code of Ethics. Following them is an excellent way to build a reputation for professional behavior that will enhance your standing and relationships with colleagues and clients.

These practices are simple; many are common sense. But they are critical to maintaining an environment of respect for all those involved in a real estate transaction.

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