Government Related Sites

The Maryland General Assembly Homepage
This site allows you to contact every member of the Maryland General Assembly by E-mail. It also provides information on current legislation, past sessions, and a searchable subject database of legislation. The site also provides full text copies of all legislation that has come before the Assembly, as well as Committee schedules and rosters.

The Governor of Maryland 
The Governor's homepage allows E-Mail to be sent to both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor. It also has listing of the Governors staff, press releases for the Governor's office, as well as the Governor's legislative agenda for the state.

The Maryland Electronic Capital
The Maryland Electronic Capital is a listing of all of the state agencies, boards and commissions that operate in Maryland. This site also includes county, business and community network information.

The Maryland Real Estate Commission
Here you will find information on the many programs and services available to you through our department. Our agency provides job development and promotion which ensures our citizens have the skills and expertise to move with our economy into the next century. DLLR is also striving to make our workplaces the safest in the nation and providing the highest quality consumer services; thereby touching Marylanders in many ways.

State Department of Assessments and Taxation
To promote fairness in taxation for Maryland property owners by uniformly appraising all taxable property at market value, and offering programs of property tax relief and business services in a manner that is courteous and convenient

The Maryland Judiciary Homepage 
This site contains information about the courts in Maryland. Also includes links to the Maryland Law Library as well as opinions of the Court of Appeals for Maryland.

The Maryland Department of Labor, License, and Regulation 
The site for electronic license renewal. Also has information concerning finance and banking, job skills training and on-line forms and applications.

The President and Vice President of the United States
Want to send an E-Mail to the President or the Vice President? You can do it here. The site also includes information about the history of the White House, as well as contacts to other federal programs.

The United States Senate
E-Mail your Senator. You can also check the status of current Senate legislation how any particular Senator voted on legislation. The site also provides committee rosters and opportunities to learn about the history of the Senate.

The United States House of Representatives
E-Mail your House Representative. Find out what legislation is coming before the House this week or check the annual congressional schedule.

The Congressional Budget Office 
The office from where the budget for the United States is created. The site provides budgetary articles and economic forecasts for the future, as well as explanations of the current proposed budget.

The Library of Congress: 
The ultimate source for research on the net. Includes access to full text bills currently before congress, as well as special lists of other internet resources.

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