What Does RPAC Do For Me?


RPAC contributions support candidates who support real estate. Combined with grassroots activities, and federal, state and local lobbying, RPAC strengthens Maryland REALTOR®’s political advocacy program.

RPAC is:

  • A legal means by which REALTORS® band together for the purpose of political action.
  • Voluntary contributions made by members throughout the state.
  • Contributions given to candidates who support housing and real estate issues.
  • Bipartisan; both Republicans and Democrats buy and sell property.
  • One of the largest and most successful PAC's in the state.

A contribution to RPAC is an investment in your future. RPAC dollars are used at the federal level to:

  • Preserve the mortgage interest deduction.
  • Reduce capital gains taxes.
  • Protect private property rights.
  • Work to increase the VA/HUD Loan limit.

At the State level, RPAC works to:

  • Change the agency laws to benefit both REALTORS® and consumers.
  • Reduce closing costs for 1st-time homebuyers.
  • Protect commercial real estate commissions through the broker lien law.
  • Decrease liability in property disclosure suits.
  • Reduce liability from lead paint hazards.
  • Streamline wetlands policy.

At the Local level, RPAC has:

  • Reduced impact fees.
  • Reduced piggy-back taxes.
  • Fought to prevent anti-sign legislation.


  • Getting caught in the middle of property defect disclosure suits between buyers and sellers.
  • Unreasonable regulations to implement the provisions of the "Lead Paint Law".
  • Losing your commission for commercial real estate deals by securing passage of the commercial lien law.
  • Bureaucratic rules and regulations which would have raised the cost of owning or constructing a single family house.
  • Losing your home mortgage interest deductibility.
  • MORE TAXES ON YOUR COMMISSION (on top of the income
  • tax you already pay.)
  • Getting charged with criminal penalties for landlord/tenant obligations.
  • Having to disclose every airport within a 5 mile area.
  • Tripling the cost of phone calls due to the phone company's attempt 
  • to mandate "measured time".

How RPAC works with you:

RPAC works with you to support elected officials who support real estate! 
The process works like this:
  • Maryland's RPAC Trustees determine - with local REALTORS® input - which candidates receive RPAC support.
  • Their decisions are non-partisan, and reflect simple criteria. The Candidate must support REALTORS® on real estate issues.
  • RPAC follows specific Maryland Election Laws and Federal Election Commission guidelines that maintain it as a legitimate, voluntary expression of democracy.
  • RPAC is a voluntary program for all members.
  • RPAC is and always will be a fair, bipartisan and legal way for REALTORS® to speak in a unified voice.