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Source of Income - It's Not Just for Rentals!

In 2020, the General Assembly passed legislation to expand Source of Income as a protected class statewide. While many are aware of the implications that Source of Income protections have for property management, it also applies to real estate purchase transactions.


The Maryland Real Estate Commission recently released guidance for licensees for compliance with the state’s Source of Income regulations.

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View from Annapolis - Veto Edition

Sometimes, a bill can pass yet still fail. Such is the fate of the unlucky legislative initiatives which make it all the way through the General Assembly only to receive a Gubernatorial veto.

Among the 18 policy vetoes issued on May 27 were two landlord-tenant bills tracked by Maryland REALTORS®.

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View from Annapolis - D.C. Edition

This week, Maryland REALTORS® took our advocacy efforts on the road to Washington D.C. as part of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Legislative Meetings.


During the meetings, REALTORS® pushed for several bi-partisan initiatives to promote additional housing supply and Fair Housing enforcement.

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View from Annapolis - Week 14

Sine Die (adj.) - A term of Latin origin which signals the final adjournment of legislative body. Often accompanied by cheers, tears, and utter exhaustion.


Midnight on Monday, April 11, marked Sine Die, the official end of the 2022 General Assembly Session. Like in past years, it featured its share of REALTOR® wins, some losses, and more than a couple key amendments which changed the status of industry bills.

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The Maryland Real Estate Commission is attempting to better enforce ALL advertising compliance with the law, this includes digital as well so that no advertising is misleading to the public.  Most recently, March 7th, in an effort to clarify this for ALL advertising the Commission finalized the regulation “Relations to the Public,” specifically as it pertains to digital advertising and detailed below with an explanation – also known as the one-click rule (Md. Code Regs.  It also provides additional guidance on team advertising.

View from Annapolis – Week 10

The countdown to Crossover is on!


Next Monday, March 21 is the day where the House and Senate complete work on bills that originated in their respective bodies and begin to consider legislation that has passed from the opposite chamber.


One of our REALTOR® Priority Bills is set to be on that list.

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View from Annapolis – Week 8

REALTOR® bills are on the move! This week saw initial General Assembly Committee approval of two of our priority bills.


On Monday, the House Economic Matters Committee voted favorably on HB 807, allowing affidavits as a form of ID for online CE classes. That was followed late Tuesday by a Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs vote in favor of SB 425, to continue the practice of paying real estate commissions at settlement. Both will now move to the floor of their respective bodies for second reading and final consideration.

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View from Annapolis – Week 7

For NFL players, there’s no bigger day than the Super Bowl. For professional actors, it’s the Oscars.

For your Maryland REALTORS® Advocacy Team, it was Tuesday, February 22.

Beginning at 1:00 PM, Maryland REALTORS® provided testimony on 23 separate pieces of real estate legislation across five different House and Senate Committees.

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2022 Lobby Day Information

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Parking Information



Emphasis for each Member by District:

District 01            District 11            District 21            District 31            District 41

District 02            District 12            District 22            District 32            District 42

District 03            District 13            District 23            District 33            District 43

District 04            District 14            District 24            District 34            District 44

District 05            District 15            District 25            District 35            District 45

District 06            District 16            District 26            District 36            District 46

District 07            District 17            District 27            District 37            District 47

District 08            District 18            District 28            District 38            

District 09           District 19            District 29            District 39            

District 10            District 20            District 30            District 40            

View from Annapolis – Week 4

Fast and furious. That’s the current pace of bill introduction in the General Assembly.

Since our last update, the House and Senate have added an additional 700 bills to our running 2022 total. Included among those are several REALTOR® priorities but also others where we will offer strong opposition.

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View from Annapolis – Week 3

Eight hundred bills and counting! The General Assembly continues to introduce new legislation daily as the House and Senate head toward key bill filing deadlines in early February. The Maryland REALTORS® Legislative Committee is currently following 51 of those bills for their impacts on the real estate industry including mold inspections, well water safety and septic system permitting. 

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Governor's Proclamations, Orders and Interpretive Guidance

Links to the proclamations and orders issued by Governor Larry Hogan related to COVID-19, along with interpretive guidance (IG) from the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel.  The most recent Interpretive Guidance  IG (20-04-05-02) addresses the empowerment of local county health officials -- working with law enforcement -- to urge businesses/organizations that are NOT COMPLYING properly with Stay-at-home Order and social distancing to modify practices in order to comply and minimize risk or else close/shut down business/organization.