Governor's Proclamations, Orders and Interpretive Guidance

Links to the proclamations and orders issued by Governor Larry Hogan related to COVID-19, along with interpretive guidance (IG) from the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel.  The most recent Interpretive Guidance  IG (20-04-05-02) addresses the empowerment of local county health officials -- working with law enforcement -- to urge businesses/organizations that are NOT COMPLYING properly with Stay-at-home Order and social distancing to modify practices in order to comply and minimize risk or else close/shut down business/organization.

Governor Authorizes Remote Notarization Emergency Order

The Governor authorizes remote notarization March 30th via Emergency Order No. 20-03-30-04 and the Secretary of State issues temporary guidelines and FAQs that apply during the emergency waiver of the in-person requirement.  Notaries public can still perform notarial acts in person during the state of emergency but should use their best judgement on whether the notarial act is considered essential and abide by social/physical distancing, CDC and MDH guidance in the conduct of any essential notarial services.

HB 1628 Sales Tax on Services was voted DOWN

UPDATE 3/11:  HB 1628 - Sales Tax on Services was voted down by the full Ways and Means Committee Friday evening (3/6)!  There is another bill, however, HB 1354 - Sales and Use Tax on Services - that Maryland REALTORS Legislative Committee voted for a No Position since it does not include a tax on real estate services.  We will continue to monitor this bill and keep you updated. The Call for Action for HB 1628 has currently been suspended.  Thank you for all of your continued advocacy efforts.

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