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New and Revised MAR Forms Effective October 1, 2016 Are Posted on the MAR Website

Be sure to review the 2016 Statewide Forms Review & Practice Tips document for details of the changes. LINK TO ARTICLE

Email Scam Alert!

MAR has been informed of an ongoing email scam involving real estate agents in our area. Emails have been received ostensibly submitting an offer on a property.  The offer, however, is not attached to the email.  Instead, the listing agent is instructed to click on a link to retrieve the offer.  The supposed buyer’s agent is not licensed by the Maryland Real Estate Commission, is not affiliated with the brokerage he says he is with and has not earned the numerous accolades shown in his email signature.  PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK – IT IS NOT A LEGITIMATE OFFER AND IT IS NOT SENT BY A REAL ESTATE LICENSEE. 

Contract Video Series

Please take a moment to view the next topic in the Contract Basics video series, "Unilateral Termination Versus Mutual Agreement to Terminate the Contract."

Contract Video Series

MAR is proud to present the first topic in the contract basics video series, "Time is of the Essence."  Please take a moment to view the video. 

Contract Video Series

MAR is preparing a series of videos covering contract basics and frequently asked contract questions.  Please take a moment to view the introductory video.

The Maryland Court of Appeals Declares Immunity Provisions of the Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Act Unconstitutional

On October 24, 2011, in the case of Jackson v. Dackman Co. et al. (Md. App., 2011), the Court of Appeals of Maryland held that the immunity provisions of the Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing Act (“the Act"), which provide compliant landlords with qualified immunity from tort liability under specified circumstances, violate Article 19 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights (“Article 19”). 

New Lease Option Agreement Now Available

New Lease Option Agreement now available.  Go to the Statewide Forms page to review the form.

RPAC Association Accounting Seminar

The Seminar provided local boards and associations of Realtors with valuable information and tools to assist in RPAC and general organizational accounting.  It is designed for AEs, Presidents, RPAC Chairs and especially key staff who handle the actual accounting functions.  The Seminar covered legal and practical aspects of RPAC, organizational accounting, audits, and more.

Click here to view the webinar

Landlord Not Required to Accept Section 8 Payments

Most agents and owners involved with residential rental properties are familiar with the phrase “Section 8 assistance.”  Section 8 is a portion of the United States Housing Act of 1937 (now title 42 United States Code section 1437f.)  The statute sets forth a program that authorizes assistance payments “for the purpose of aiding low-income families in obtaining a decent place to live and of promoting economically mixed housing….”

Home Warranty Companies (HWC) & Payments to Real Estate Licensees

Under RESPA, if a real estate company simply refers buyers to the HWC and does no work, the fee it receives may be considered an illegal kickback.  If the relationship is structured properly, however, the real estate company may market the home warranty product and receive compensation.
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