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What are the requirements for real estate advertisements in the state of Maryland?

Maryland law requires that all advertisements include your name (as listed on your pocket card) and the name of the company with which you are affiliated (not simply the company logo). Both names must be meaningfully and conspicuously placed in the ad. While the phrase “meaningful and conspicuous” may seem subjective, we strongly advise members to use a common sense approach to advertising.
The guiding principle for these regulations is to minimize consumer confusion. We recommend that you show your proposed advertising to a neighbor or someone unfamiliar with the real estate industry. If that person is able to quickly identify the licensee and the company for whom the licensee works, the ad would most likely acceptable to the Real Estate Commission. If not, the ad may be considered misleading.
If an individual (personal) telephone number or web address is included in the advertisement, the office telephone number must be listed as well. The purpose for this rule is to provide a consumer with direct access to a broker or manager without the necessity of first contacting the agent.
Additionally, both Maryland law and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Code of Ethics prohibit licensees and REALTORS® from advertising in a misleading or untruthful manner. In other words, you must be careful at all times to present a true and accurate picture in your advertising and representations to the public.
With respect to the Equal Housing Opportunity logo, federal law dictates that all advertisements should include the Equal Housing Opportunity logo. Finally, members of NAR may use the REALTOR® logo. For additional information regarding proper usage of the REALTOR® logo, click on the following link: 

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