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The Do’s and Dont’s of Unlicensed Personal Assistants Do's

An unlicensed personal assistant, including a licensed personal assistant who is not affiliated with the same real estate broker as the licensee who has engaged or employed him/her, is severely limited under Maryland law as to those acts, functions, or services which the personal assistant may provide on behalf of another licensee. An unlicensed personal assistant is prohibited from providing real estate brokerage services as defined in Section 17-101 (k) of the Act, but may lawfully perform ministerial tasks. Pursuant to written Guidelines issued by the Maryland Real Estate Commission (the "Commission") in the Spring, 1994, an unlicensed personal assistant may only perform the following activities:
Answer the telephone and forward calls to a licensee;
Submit listings and changes to a multiple listing service;
Follow up on loan commitments after a contract has been negotiated;
Assemble documents for closing;
Secure documents (public information) from courthouse, public utilities, etc.;
Have keys made for company listings;
Write and place ads for approval of licensee and supervising broker;
Type contract forms at the direction of and for approval by licensee and supervising broker;
Compute commission checks;
Place signs on property
Arrange the date and time of home, termite, and well/septic inspection, mortgage application, pre-settlement walk-thru and settlement;
Prepare flyers and promotional information for approval by licensee and supervising broker;
Act as courier service to deliver documents, pick-up keys, etc.;
Schedule an open house;
Schedule appointments for licensee to show listed property; and
Accompany a licensee to an open house or showing for security purposes or to hand out preprinted materials. 

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