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Pursuant to the Commission’s written Guidelines, an unlicensed personal assistant cannot perform any of the following acts or provide any of the following services; Prepare promotional material or ads without the review and approval of the licensee and supervising broker;
Show property;
Answer any questions on listings, title, financing, closing, etc.;
Discuss or explain a contract, listing, lease, agreement, or other real estate document with anyone outside the brokerage;
Be paid on the basis of real estate activity, such as a percentage of commission, or any amount based on listings, sales, etc.;
Negotiate or agree to any commission, commission split, management fee or referral fee on behalf of a licensee;
Discuss the attributes or amenities of a property, under any circumstances, with a prospective purchaser or lessee;
Discuss, with the owner of real property, the terms and conditions of the real property offered for sale or lease;
Collect, receive or hold deposit monies, rent, other monies or anything of value received from the owner of the real property or from a prospective purchaser or lessee;
Provide owners of real property or prospective purchasers or lessees with any advice, recommendations or suggestions as to the sale, purchase, exchange or leasing of real property to be listed or presently available for sale or lease;
Hold himself or herself out in any manner, orally or in writing, as being licensed or affiliated with a particular company or real estate broker as a licensee; or
Contact the public concerning the availability of real estate brokerage services unless an inquiry about a specific property is immediately referred to a licensee.
Contact clients or prospective clients using online communication methods such as web-based chat in order to solicit customers with respect to a specific property.
Contact clients using online communication methods such as web-based chat without first disclosing the broker's name or the company name as it appears on the license at the beginning of the chat session or in text visible on the same web page that contains the chat session.

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