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Legal Hotline FAQ

A blog of the most frequently asked questions to the Maryland REALTORS Legal Hotline.

A licensed Illinois real estate broker has developed an interactive website that generates buyer and seller leads.

The company enters into a referral agreement with a licensed broker in Maryland to participate in the program. Upon a closing the company collects a referral fee paid from the Maryland broker to the Illinois broker per the referral agreement. The Illinois broker is not licensed in Maryland, are there any restrictions regarding payment of the referral fee from the Maryland broker to the Illinois broker?

I am a listing agent involved in a short sale transaction.

The lender has requested that I reduce my commission. The selling broker will not agree to accept less than what was advertised in MRIS. I included a comment in the remarks section that the commission was subject to lender approval. What happens if the selling broker refuses to take a commission that is less than what the listing broker offered in MRIS? Also, is it true that Fannie Mae servicers cannot condition the approval and closing of short sales on the willingness of the listing firm to alter its fee arrangement with the borrower as long as the total commission does not exceed 6%? Does this mean the mortgage company has to pay the fee if it’s less then 6%?