Big Changes in 2017!

New Website

Remodeled Public Areas

Remote TeleConferencing

Maryland Association of REALTORS President,   Shelly Murray  introduces many of the benefits of being a member of the association.although meant for new REALTORS the video is valuable for long-time members as well, who may not be aware of all that the association has to offer.

Call for Volunteers!

Enhance your membership experience and make a difference! You’re invited to answer our Call for Volunteers beginning on Thursday, June 1. 

Volunteer contributions make it possible for MAR to fulfill our mission and advance the REALTOR® profession. We are currently seeking dedicated members to serve on our committees beginning October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018. Volunteer committees assist MAR in identifying industry issues, help preserve the right to own, transfer, and use real property, as well as participate in the work of MAR in partnership with staff.