Big Changes in 2017!

New Website

Remodeled Public Areas

Remote TeleConferencing

Maryland Association of REALTORS President,   Shelly Murray  introduces many of the benefits of being a member of the association.although meant for new REALTORS the video is valuable for long-time members as well, who may not be aware of all that the association has to offer.

Septic Briefing

A key Committtee in the Maryland Legislature discussed septic tank regulation, including the expansion of Best Available Technology (BAT) systems throughout Maryland.  Click below for Maryland REALTORS® written statement.

Nominations for Officers and District Vice Presidents

OFFICERS AND DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENTS - In compliance with Article VI, Sections 3 & 4 of the Maryland REALTORS® Bylaws, the Nominating Committee has nominated the following persons to officer positions and has named the following candidates for at large and district vice presidents, as indicated, subject to their election at the General Membership Meeting on Monday, September 11, 2017.