Topics & Continuing Education Credits


You can find each GRI series offered year round throughout the state. Each module is comprised of 6 hours of instructional time; however, different modules offer various continuing education credit hours. Those hours and their applicable categories are contained within each module outlined below.  Each module runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with two breaks and lunch.

 A passing grade of 70% is required to successfully complete each module. A minimum cumulative grade of 70% is required to successfully complete a full series. If a person does not successfully pass the initial exam for a particular module, that exam may be re-taken ONE ADDITIONAL TIME, at no charge. After that, the module must be re-taken in order to successfully complete the module/series. 100, 200, and 300 Series may be taken in any order but must be completed within 5 years of the start date.

The Maryland Real Estate Commission dictates that you must be present for the entire class in order to receive continuing education credit for that class. Arriving late, returning late from a break or leaving early will jeopardize the continuing education credit.  Please note, no partial credit can be issued.  Photo ID required for entry.


            Category "A" - Legal & Legislative Update - 3 hours required
            Category "B" -  Anti-Trust
            Category "C" - Fair Housing - 1.5 hours required
            Category "D" - Ethics - 3 hours required
            Category "E" - Disclosure
            Category "F" - Professional Enhancement
            Category "G" - Technology - no more than 3 hours allowed
            Category "H" - Agency-Residential/Commercial - 3 hours required every 4 years
            Category "I" - Supervision-Broker, Office Managers, Team Leaders - 3 hours required for broker, office managers and team leaders every 4 year

Please read "What Every Licensee Should Know" provided by the Maryland Real Estate Commission.




 GRI SERIES 100 – (click here for current GRI schedule )

Module 101 - Building a Real Estate Business - (No CED)
covers what is involved in running and maintaining a business from daily planning to future goals and growth.

Module 102 - Prospecting & Listing Techniques - (No CED)
covers ways to find and develop your real estate business. Various listing methods and their use will be shared. 

Module 103 -
GRI 103A-Fair Housing & Cultural Issues, Course # 752-1604, 3 hours, Category "C" and,
GRI 103B-MD Ethics, Flipping & Predatory Lending, Course # 753-1604, 3 hours, Category "D"

covers fair housing laws, diversity issues and how they apply to the real estate business. A review of Maryland License Law ethics and its differences with NAR ethics, flipping and predatory lending will be discussed. Meets MDREC mandated ethics and fair housing requirement for license renewal.

Module 104 -
GRI104-Basic Financing, Course # 754-1604, 6 hours, Category "F"
covers calculating payments for various types of loans, adjusting payments based on changing terms and conditions as well as characteristics of each loan type. The mortgage process will be covered detailing how it affects a transaction. 

Module 105 - 
GRI 105-Sales and Marketing, Course #755-1604, 4.5 hours, Category "F"
demonstrates various types of methods used to obtain the best sales results. Key marketing concepts will be discussed.  Must at tend full day in order to receive credit.

GRI SERIES 200 – (click here current GRI 200 schedule)

Module 201 -
GRI 201A-Pricing Property, Course #670-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"; and,
GRI 201B-Appraisal, Course # 671-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"

will cover how a licensee establishes pricing for a property and how an appraiser establishes prices based on the three approaches to value. 

Module 202 -
GRI 202-MREC-Agency-Residential, Course #757-1604, 3 hours, Category "H", and,
GRI 202B-Contract Law & Anti Trust, Course #758-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"

will cover the general sales contract law provisions required and what anti trust is and how to avoid it. Agency issues relating to whom you work for and what your responsibilities are will be discussed. Meets MDREC mandated 4-year agency requirement.

Module 203 -
Interpersonal Skills (No CE credit); and, 
GRI 203B-Personal Assistants, Course #759-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"

covers how to achieve the greatest results by understanding how and why people communicate the way they do. How to use a personal assistant and their duties, roles and responsibilities will be covered. Must attend full day in order to receive credit.

Module 204 -
GRI 204A-Distressed Properties, Course #760 -1604, 3 hours, Category "F"; and,
GRI 204B-Introduction to Investments, Course #677-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
covers non-traditional methods of financing for those hard to qualify buyers, high cash out sellers and difficult properties. Also discussed will be real estate as an investment and analyze investment property factors.

Module 205 -
GRI 205A-Condominiums, Cooperatives, Course # 762-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"; and,
GRI 205B-Buyer Representation, Course #763 -1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
covers the laws and policies governing the differences between condominiums, cooperatives and timeshares. The practice of buyer brokering as it applies to the day to day duties and activities of an agent will be covered. 

GRI SERIES 300 – (click here for current GRI 300 schedule)

Module 301 -
GRI 301-Environmental Issues, Course #679-1604, 6 hours, Category "F"
covers some of the recent concerns developing around the removal and processing of potential environmental/health threats. Regulatory requirements, actions and agencies involved concerning the buying and selling of these properties will be discussed. 

Module 302 -
GRI 302-Taxes, Course # 680-1604, 4.5 hours, Category "F"

addresses the possible tax considerations of buying and selling property. How the REALTOR® can assist both buyer and seller in determining what is most advantageous for them with regard to tax considerations. Also covered are independent contractors tax issues.  Meets MDREC mandated legal requirement for license renewal.  Must attend full day in order to receive credit.

Module 303 -
NAR Ethics (No CE credit)' and,
GRI 303B-Mediation & Arbitration, Course # 681-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
will cover the proper ethical conduct of licensees in dealing with the public and other licensees. Alternative methods of dispute resolution and the arbitration process will be discussed as it interacts with REALTOR® procedures and practices. Meets NAR membership ethics training requirement (not applicable to MDREC requirements).  Must attend full day in order to receive credit.

Module 304 -
GRI 304A-Legislative issues, Course # 682-1604, 3 hours, Category "A"; and,
GRI 304B-Land Use, Course #683 -1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
current and upcoming legislative issues affecting the real estate industry will be covered. The process of developing a parcel of raw land and the different agencies involved, government requirements and procedures to be met and the associated time frames will be covered.  Meets MDREC mandated legal requirement for license renewal.

Module 305 -
GRI 305-Technology and Trends, Course # 692-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
How new technologies are affecting the real estate industry and what industry practices to look for in the future.  Must at tend full day i order to receive credit.

GRI SERIES 400 is ONLY available to GRI Designees - (click here for current GRI 400 schedule)

Module 401 -
GRI 401-Commercial Property, Course # 684-1604, 6 hours, Category "F"
covers the basic handling differences between residential and commercial property. What is involved in listing and selling commercial property and what to look for in a property.  Student are required to bring with them and have a working knowledge of a financial calculator.  Calculator must have Present Value, Number, Interest, Payment, Future Value functions.  Recommended calculators are HP12C and HP10BII.

Module 402 -
Advanced Office Management - (No CED)

covers the concepts of people management, business risk, financial and future growth management. What to look for and how to overcome various situations will be discussed.  

Module 403 -
GRI 403A-New Homes Construction, Course # 685-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"; and, 
GRI 403B-Property Management, Course #686-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
explains what is involved in selling homes in a new subdivision and working with builders. What is involved in managing different types of property and what responsibilities the property manager has will be covered.

Module 404 -
GRI 404A-Taxes Deferred Exchanges, Course #687-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"; and,
GRI 404B-Understanding Investments, Course # 688-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"
covers tax considerations in dealing with property exchanges, what to look for in those exchanges and the expertise needed. Using single family property for investment purposes will be explored along with their benefits. Financial Calculator recommended.

Module 405 -
GRI 405A-Broker Law Review, Course #6690-1604, 3 hours, Category "F"; and,
GRI 405B-Supervision, Brokers, Branch Office Managers, Team Leaders, Course #689-1604, 3 hours, Category "I"
provides an overview of the governing license law. Recent changes and issues will be highlighted. When becoming a Broker certain supervision is expected.  Learn what rules the law has put into place regarding broker supervision and the consequences of non-compliance.   Meets MDREC mandated supervision requirement every 4 years for brokers, branch office managers and team leaders.