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Chuck Kasky
Chuck's back to give you the latest insight into the newest laws in this Legal & Legislative Update and he will also be presenting MREC Supervision.



Xplode Conference is the premier real estate technology & marketing conference in the country and this year is included in your Annual Conference registration. Xplode will give you new ideas to maximize profits, provide "ah-hah" moments, valuable take-aways, relevant topics and actionable items from top national speakers, many of whom are successful REALTORS. You'll get a fst paced flow of tips and tools from everything from CRM, websites, Facebook and FB ads, mobile apps, video marketing and email marketing.   
Marc Cunningham
10 Things to Know About Working with Real Estate Investors, this session will educate you about how to confidently work with investor clients. Property Management 101: The Essentials, this course will go through the basic elements necessary for property management including the management and lease agreement, how to find new owner clients, hoe to screen tenants, the tenant life cycle, understanding legal and fair housing issues, and how to deal with erratic tenants and owners.
Trista Curxydlo, Esq.
Put An Attorney Out of Business- RESPA, Fair Housing and Anti Trust introduced in a new light by providing current case studies of violations. How's That Working Out for You? Hot Issues in Real Estate, this class looks at Trista's Favorite Five: Website and application compliance with the Americans Disabilities Act, The Federal Aviation Administration's new rules on Unmanned Aifcrft systems, audio and video recordings of property showings, the impact of the Fair Housing Act on new technology and how state law decriminalization of marijuana and the Federal government of the Controlled Substances Act impacts real estate.
Mary Chieppa
presents MREC Agency - Learn about the law step-by-step and get clear guidance, not just how to comply, but how to simplify your life by making compliance easier, so your more likely to pass any test.  MD Ethics, Flipping & Predatory Lending - Learn all you need to know to successfully guide your clients to the settlement table while staying out of ethical trouble.


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