Responsible for overseeing the implementation of MAR's Investment Policy. The committee formulates and makes recommendations concerning strategic and financial planning and budgeting for presentation to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. It also monitors the Association's finances and prepares the fiscal budget of the Association for the coming year. Some members of the Finance Committee may be appointed to the Investment Management team. The Investment Management Team works with MAR's Investment Advisor (an outside firm) in developing a long-term investment plan and makes appropriate investments to reach its goals.


DeAnna Miller
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Vice Chair

Carole Maclure
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William Armstrong
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Boyd Campbell
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Bonnie Casper
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John Coller
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Duane Hilghman
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Daniel Hoff
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Chris Jett
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Janice Kirkner
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Tim Knobloch
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Erica Solomon
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Blaine Williamson
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Craig Wolf
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Charles Kasky
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Patti Schmitt
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